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Linea Piu Boutique

Бутик Linea Piu создан Kois Associated Architects и является эксклюзивом розничной роскоши на Острове Миконос,  для лучших домов моды в мире — ChanelTom FordJohn GallianoBlumarine.

Linea Piu архитектором KOIS Associated

Миконос входит в состав комплекса Кикладских островов славится своей элегантностью и буйным образом жизни. Кубической формы здания, извилистые дороги,  красивые церкви и ветряные мельницы — создают картины красоты,  характерные и символичные для Греции и Средиземноморья.

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Остров Louis Vuitton

Бостонские архитекторы Moshe Safdie и дизайнер из Нью-Йорка Peter Marino объединились для создания нового флагманского магазина Louis Vuitton в комплексе Marina Bay Sands в Сингапуре.

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Hofstede Optiek by Alexander Nowotny

Dutch architect Alexander Nowotny designed a retail space for an optician/eyewear company in The Hague, Netherlands.

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ho_030311_12 ho_030311_13

ho_030311_14 ho_030311_15

ho_030311_16 ho_030311_17

ho_030311_18 ho_030311_19

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Shoesme Shop Interior by Teun Fleskens

Dutch designer Teun Fleskens designed the interior for this Shoesme shop.

Description from the designer:

The purpose of the concept is creating a totally flexible interior that consists of basic elements, the dice. The dice have more than one function. For example, 1 die is at seating height, 2 dice together creates table height and three dice provides a standard bar height. When Shoesme participates at a fair, the dice are being used to build up their stands. After this event, the stands are literally given away, therefore creating a double function as a promotion tool.

Visit Teun Fleskens website – here.

Photography by Michiel Maessen

Sergio Rossi Shop by Younes Duret Design

Younes Duret Design have created a shop interior for Sergio Rossi in Casablanca, Morocco.

Sergio Rossi and Wallpaper* magazine continue to collaborate on the Men’s Footwear World Tour announcing the opening of the next location in Casablanca.

Following resounding success with the first stop on the Men’s Footwear Tour in Brera, Milan’s most stylish district, Sergio Rossi launched a second men’s shoe store in Galeries Lafayette Casablanca on December 2011.

The World Tour concept has been inspired by the essence of the ‘Sergio Rossi’ man – an independent, free-thinking, seductive man and importantly, one who is on a constant journey of discovery. It is in Milan that the journey began in 2010 – with the launch of Sergio Rossi’s first concept store. Situated in fashionable Brera, the store showcases the entire men’s collection designed by the Creative Director of the brand, Francesco Russo. In 2011 the tour continues.

The next ventures on the grand tour will be developed along with a rising design star in each country, to create the environments, local vernacular and an understanding of heritage being an imperative part of the experience and journey. “Morocco, a Mediterranean country, both geographically and cultural, is a country where garment is great with refined kaftans and colourful djellabas, where craftsmanship is particularly rich and architecture is majestic” comments Younes Duret, the French-Moroccan designer of the store in Casablanca. He combines strong Moroccan ethnicity with a creative transgression to design a liberated and inspiring space. The motifs Duret has used are a modern inflection on an ancient form, as he creates a composition consisting of a mantelpiece of a repeated 3-dimenionsal oriental pattern as the platform for the men’s shoe collection.

“We apply creative transgression to make the space more free, liberated, inspired, through shifts in proportions, the materials and colours used, the extra detailing and the high-quality craftsmanship” according to Duret, in response to Creative Director Russo – “we steer clear of the conventional, we decry the formulaic, we re-invent the classic. We reject the outdated cliché – we champion the stylish man’s right to look elegant”.

Visit the Younes Duret Design website – here.

Photography by Alexandre Chaplier