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Barcode Office by Ministry of Design

Singapore-based Ministry of Design have completed the design for their own studio.

Description from the designers:

Inhabiting 6 converted shop house units at the confluence of Singapore’s historic Chinatown area and the CBD, MOD’s own design studio employs the same key principles which govern its approach to design – typological relevance, a disciplined material and tonal palette and an ‘essentialised’ concept. In searching for a locale to base its creative endeavors, we were determined to find a building large enough to accommodate our entire office on a single floor. We feel strongly that open communication is key to innovation and creativity; as such, our space would be without hierarchy or barriers, a truly open office.

The linear series of spaces within the studio are choreographed in between the perimeter of twin datum lines – which form circulation axes spanning the entire space. Mirrored terminus points elongate these axes and become daily ‘catwalks’.  Resembling a barcode, a series of mixed program are position along these catwalks and range from gallery space, meeting spaces, open plan desks, hot desk discussion zones to a library.

All new interventions are conceived as objects within the landscape of the existing space and are designed to remain visually separated. The entry Gallery space allows for constant renewal and an avenue to express ourselves without needing to reinvent the entire studio.

Our work areas are intentionally pure black and white, which allows us to tackle the wide array of creative explorations against neutral foil. The library is finished in an unfinished timber and tectonically, it provides a more relaxed environment as a counter point to the rest of the space.

Visit the Ministry of Design website – here.