Gucci Luxury Interior Project

Gucci’s headquarters are in Rome, located in a historic building on Via del Banco di Santo Spirito.  The nine story palazzo was commissioned by Giulio Alberini, a wealthy merchant, and erected in 1515 and was designed by Raphael and his student Giulio Romano.

Gucci luxury interior project

Gucci creative director Frida Gianinni found this exceptional palazzo through a family friend, it had just undergone a historical renovation by architecture firm Studio Gigli. I must say that it is an unique example of an excellent interior project.

Gucci luxury interior design project

Inside, new bathrooms and lighting fixtures had been added, and the frescoes were painstakingly restored. Outside, the facade had been scoured of all that big-city smog residue. Now, let’s take a look at Frida Giannini’s home decor. I love the contemporary furniture at this luxury interior design project. For the decor, Giannini plucked furnishings from the blueprint she masterminded for the brand’s flagships in New York, Rome and Shanghai.

Gucci luxury interior design project

Tables are crafted from shiny Indian rosewood, often bordered with rose gold–tinted brass; divans and chairs are made from mohair velvet; and smoky or clear glass inserts gussy up the doors. The living room was decorated with art-deco pieces and I am in love with the simplicity and elegance of Frida’s home, where each piece of furniture becomes a work of art.

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