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Located on the hillside in northern Italy, the project Fincube Studio Berlin Aisslinger is a modular and highly successful thought ideal for itinerant travelers. Entirely of wood, this achievement is minimalist to discover in the sequel.






Tebfin Office Interior by Source Interior Brand Architects

Source Interior Brand Architects have designed an office interior in Johannesburg, South Africa.

te_250111_01 te_250111_02

Fratelli Studios by Twins Studio

Romanian design firm Twins Studio designed the Fratelli Studios club in Bucharest, Romania.

Description from the designers:

Fratelli Studios is a club in Bucharest of about 850sqm.

The club is designed in an industrial, factory-like building, with large metallic pillars and metal beams. Our main idea for this club was “Think Big!”.

We covered the interior walls with a series of large wooden blades, about 4 meters tall, which can be rotated along their central axis. One side is lacquered wood, while the other can be covered with printed material. You can rotate the blades very easily, changing the whole look is just minutes. We placed a wooden bar in the center and a large 4 rings chandelier above it.

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Hotel Le Germain Calgary by LEMAYMICHAUD

LEMAYMICHAUD Architecture Design have designed the Germain Hotel in Calgary, Canada.

MTV Networks Headquarters in Berlin by Dan Pearlman

German creative agency Dan Pearlman have redesigned the MTV Networks Headquarters in Berlin.


Visit the Dan Pearlman website – here


HASSELL was engaged to design a new workplace for PPB, one of Australia’s leading independent strategic and advisory practices.

Visit the HASSELL website – here

Hotel Q! by GRAFT

The international architectural firm GRAFT designed the Hotel Q! in Berlin, Germany.

Visit the GRAFT website – here

The Met Hotel in Thessaloniki by Zeppos Georgiadi Architects

Zeppos Georgiadi Architects designed the Met Hotel in Thessaloniki, Greece; while the “Chan” restaurant inside the hotel was designed by Australian designer Andy Martin.

tm_170211_01 tm_170211_02

East Hotel by CL3 Architects

CL3 Architects designed the interior of the East Hotel in Hong Kong.


Hofstede Optiek by Alexander Nowotny

Dutch architect Alexander Nowotny designed a retail space for an optician/eyewear company in The Hague, Netherlands.

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ho_030311_08 ho_030311_09

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ho_030311_18 ho_030311_19

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